Aaron Bartholomew

Notes from 2022 training camp

July 14
Touch the forearm
The dot has to line up to the dot on your chest
You cannot deviate from the line
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This is a yilu I recorded Oct 31, 2021; before participating in the Yilu Challenge starting November 1, 2021.

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I noticed that my head leans forward, and that I almost lost my balance at one point.

I picked up stage magic before I started learning Practical Method.  One evening after a workshop session in Phoenix I was doing some sleight of hand to amuse the other attendees, and Master Chen spoke briefly about the difference between perception and reality as it applies to taiji.  I’m including some thoughts I’ve had on the topic since. Read more

Differences between Yilu and Erlu (Cannon Fist):

The body behaves differently, or has a different quality in each form.

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To start off I thank Master Chen for inviting me to write this an article comparing juggling and Taiji.

I am both a juggler and a taijiquan practitioner.  This doesn’t mean that I am good at either of these activities, rather that I persist in doing them.  I have noticed several common points between juggling and taiji, though even in they differ even in these commonalities. Read More