Camille Lipford

A rather spontaneous gathering of West Coast taiji people happened September 9-12 in Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada.

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Today in class, Master Chen commented that there was new flow, clarity, and sharpness in my form. He said this day was a small milestone for me, and he wanted me to document it. He asked: Did I feel something different? Read more

Like one drink sets an alcoholic back after 50 years of abstaining – so it is if we add a move (like move the hand)

Bigger from the kua

If you need to move the knee, fix the hip.  If you need to move the hip, fix the knee.
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All actions are rigid (yang); all adaptations are soft. (yin)
Qi gong and 3 levels of taiji progression: “The truth is naked”,  People can’t take the truth because they are not naked.  We are always covering up.
When all moves arise from the biting and catching of the gears, there will be proportionality.

My garden loves Taiji practice

i get to admire it then

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