Online Lesson with Master Chen 24th Feb 2021

by Yuxin Liu on 2021/02/25

Free class to public. Introduction.

-Taiji. Yin and yang. Horizontal and vertical-cross-stable. The limbs are tied to the rod. Yin yang relationship is 90 degrees/connected (180 is too distract). How to place two credit cards supporting each other and stable? Vertical is top-bottom line, horizontal is 90 degrees.

-Forms are little combinations of yin and yang. After practice, rise above yourself and see you follow a pattern.

-Traditional way of training. You do not know anything, do not do research. Most of time in the dark and guided by the teacher. Through training you start to see the light. Taiji is a traditional art, not a modern science. It is not knowledge based but skill based. It is physical. Story- deadly. Through training, not understanding, you gain something not human. Hong, whatever you do to him, he’s always in this position (six sealing four closing). It is yin yang split with a rotation. We do not seek a lot, we seek to do sth well.

-Rotation. Theory-possibility-reality. When it is rotation, it is internal. Our primary move is rotation, the most important action in the universe. We try to do that but we cannot do it. Daoism- rotation. True rotation is the same matter of earth. Once you achieve that, you are one with the Dao. You are synchronized with the most important thing. You are merged/synchronized with the rotation of the earth. You instantly become god. You are all knowing. Synchronized with nature, nature is sth bigger than you. Taiji is bigger than body movements, more than sport. We believe in it although we cannot do it. Mirror/synchronize with your opponents.

-The process of learning. Train the forms-exercise every joint-no more stiffness-increase range of motion-series of stretches-body moves as it is rotating-do not move(stable)-state of stability through movements (rotation, axis, core does not move). Rotating hard is stable, wobbling is falling down. Open the kua, rotate, do not move. First thing, find a fixed spot, a tree. Don’t move the hand, move the hand but aim at the same spot. Then find it inside the body. Find the not moving point/pivot, move the rest-stretching-yin yang separation. Because of Taiji, Master is able to move/walk when he is in pain.

-2 qualities. Yourself-gongfu-gong功. Your opponent-fa法 (listening skill, sensitivity). Hong and Feng are the ones have both qualities.

-Action and adaptation.

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