by roycroucher on 2020/09/23

Quick notes from my private lesson with Master Chen – Twisting The Towel

– assuming you know the basics adopt proper training stance with left hand forward and right hand rearward, distance between hands is the length of your opponents elbow to their wrist or hand.

– create 2 horizontal tracts, 1 thru the mid section and 1, in this case with the right hand moving forward, forearm parallel to the ground. Without proper guidance we only create 1 tract.

– the 2 tracks can only be created if if we lock or create a bite,  in this case on the left side of the body

– to create the lock or bite we must stretch.

– push dow on the thigh muscle, open the kua and stretch in opposite directions, this is the lock or bite it cannot move.

– right hand can now begin moving forward.

– open the right kua and drop the right shoulder to cause compression, this will force the elbow in toward the dantien.

– the hand can now mov forward in a straight line, extend through the index finger.

– when the hand reaches a certain point in travel we must lock the shoulder and allow extension to continue by opening the elbow. to do this we must  actiivate the small muscle on the inside of the elbow, This is very difficult and requires much training

– throughout the exercise the spine must be pulled up or stretched.

– when the right hand reaches full extension the process can now be reversed with the  left hand moving forward.




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