Re-calibration: August 11, 2020 Zoom Lesson

by Susanna Chwang on 2020/08/13

These are my notes from Master Chen’s zoom lesson on Re-calibration, on August 11, 2020

  • We need to tune a thermometer. First we find the zero. We set a standard then we can use it to measure

  • In PM taiji the standard is outside of you, outside of anyone

  • Our standard is in with elbow, out with hand

  • We must use science, things that are in reality. We must have a standard, a yard stick, a common standard that is outside of you

  • There are 2 departments. Department of science (reality, measurable, observable) and department of society (feelings, subjective, emotional)

  • Other taiji systems say that taiji is very personal, depends on each person

  • In PM we use the science, we want to be able to measure against the set standard

  • We have habits, we need to change our habits into the standard

  • Our standard is in with elbow, from elbow to fingertip is inanimate, then out with hand, the forearm is inanimate

  • We created a purpose for ourselves, outside of what we were designed to do, so we need to be re-calibrated

  • Once you’ve re-calibrated your body, you then need to re-calibrate your mind

  • When you want to move your hand your mind has to move the body according to the rules

  • In our system we believe you’re not tight enough so you can’t fight. You need to be strong, dense. Other people think you have to be loose in taiji.  We need to re-calibrate these beliefs. study the theory until you take it in

  • When you control 51 percent, you control your opponent. Even if you are off by a little, say you control 49 percent, you will falsely believe you have control. Once your opponent fights you, you will see: you lose 100 percent

  • The teacher’s job is to drill the rules into you. That is getting in the door.  Then you can go and learn to fight with other students

  • When you’re outside the door, you are mesmerised by what is inside the door. But you can’t stay fascinated, because you don’t know what it is, it has no meaning. You will get bored, your mind will wander.

  • You need to get in the door and start reading the books and using the machines. Then you will actually be immersed and interested. Like meditation. You can’t get out.

  • Mentally re-calibrate: if you understand, you can do. If you can’t do, then you don’t understand. You will learn faster when you re-calibrate this way

  • We all take what we do as correct and change the theory or standard to match

  • Re-calibrate means know the standard then change your body to match the standard

  • Split everything into yin and yang, then copy the choreography, there’s no need to discuss

  • There is no “thinking” calibration, it’s all physical

  • In PM we never talk about the mind. You need no explanation, traditionally the teacher just does the form in front of you. You simply copy. After 30 years you become a copy. You will even think like the teacher

  • If after 30 years you are not a copy, then you can see no amount of explanation would have helped

  • Let’s say grand master Hong was 100% matched to the standard. When I was training with him, let’s say I was 30% matched to the standard. When he looked at me it didn’t matter that I had 30%. He didn’t see that I had skill. Most of what I was doing was mistakes. I thought I was pretty good. When I touched people they would fall over. I thought I got something. But I was only 30%

  • So you see if you could match the standard, you would have unbelievable power.

  • Your mind’s process is a reflection of your body. The change in your mind has to come from your body

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James Tam August 13, 2020 at 10:16 am

Great notes! Thank you Susanna Chwang for sharing! Also, thank you to Master Chen Zhonghua for such an illuminating lesson. Rather than looking around for outside/external assistance/info, simply practice, plod on, and follow Shifu’s guidance. The focus is on recalibrating the internal with lots of copying, corrections, and practice.


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