Moments of Taiji Connection

by Damian Jagosz on 2020/07/20

Some of my own thoughts on Taiji Practical Method after mountain biking.

Returning to biking after Chen Taijiquan Practical Methon training is a whole new experience !
Practical Method Taiji theory makes us more aware of what is happening around us.
Holding the steering wheel. Palms are pressed tightly from the little finger with stretch. Just like catching an opponent or training with taiji chan gun (
The rest of the arm is relaxed to the shoulder. The middle joint is relaxed (1-3). We have a strong triangle where the two ends are locked and the “third line” is invisible but true.
During difficult downhill, shoulders and elbows sink naturally if we want stability.
During sharp turns, we need a strong connection between the foot and the hand. The abdomen must be strong and aligned, the tailbone pulled tight. (once Chen Xu almost grabbed my spine through my stomach, i remember that feeling and i try to keep it like that)
Center stable when tilted. There is a separation.
The back is blocked. We are in a strong position. Like leaning against a wall. We have to use non-direct force if we want to turn. It’s a nice feeling because we use the elbow like a twisting towel.
The steering wheel has a locked center, so we feel the rotation immediately, if we need more, the belly must suck in.
Taiji turned biking into a game of searching a compensating for various forces.
Everyone always says Taiji is binary. 0/1 unfortunately I still don’t understand why.
This model fails in my experience.
All my experience and models are like -1, 0, 1.
Always three point, counting, dimmension, triangle …
When we have two points 0 and 1, we really have nothing.
We don’t have space, we can’t compensate or even move because we need third point to switch.
Even in computer system there is 0 as state, 1 as state and null as state of no state
We need a function of a differential system.
The strength is not in the lake but in the waterfall.

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Kelvin Ho July 20, 2020 at 9:35 am

Thanks for the article. Very interesting.

To clarify, when we say 0 and 1, like you expressed it above: 0/1, the key is in the slash (/), which separates 0 and 1. The slash itself is neither 0 or 1. Just like that we say yin and yang, but taiji is 3.


Chen Zhonghua July 20, 2020 at 10:33 am

The 3rd part of taiji, the slash /, is “ling灵”, mysterious agent, similar to catalyst. This “ling” separates taiji from normal physical activities.


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