Zhang Weili’s Hyperarch Fascia Trainer Chong Xie: How Power Is Generated

by Chen Zhonghua Taiji Academy on 2020/06/25

Youtube video suggested by James Tam:


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Chen Style Taijiquan 19th generation disciple. International Standard Bearer of the Practical Method system of Hong Junsheng. Second generation master of Hunyuan Taiji. Been teaching internationally since 1985. Educated in the West with a Master's Degree in Education. Highly accomplished through the lineage of two great masters. Disciplined, precise and powerful. He teaches a complete system of taiji based on the principle of yin yang separation; indirect power as a core concept; movement and tranquility as the source of action. In both theory and practice, his taijiquan deals with the problems of double-heavy. He is a real treasure of the heritage of taijiquan.

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Edward Liaw June 25, 2020 at 10:37 pm

I found that he has good insights:

* Toes locked into knee: the ankle angle should be locked, like the wrist should sit in the tile hand.
* Arch of the foot has basis on two points: just behind the second toe and just in front of the heel.
* Glutes should engage. (At the Oakland seminar Master Chen showed me that I wasn’t engaging my left glute)

These points gave me good perspective to see this lesson https://youtu.be/fc70at-aVYo in new light.


James Tam July 29, 2021 at 9:43 am

Excellent connection to Master Chen’s lesson on Stepping, Stretching, and Power Transfer video ( https://youtu.be/fc70at-aVYo)! Thanks!


Nicholas Fung馮嘉傑(香港) March 30, 2023 at 6:14 pm

In regards to fascia, I am nearly finished with the 28th day of my fascial reset. The knots in my body are going away. Especially with my shin, with a loser shin muscles, I feel that the connection/stretch to the ground is much better: https://app.humangarage.net/share/wRDSDRnrz8Rg6aqX?utm_source=manual


Nicholas Fung馮嘉傑(香港) April 4, 2023 at 3:24 pm

Yes, I am finished with my fascial release. The result is that I can feel my inside move better. My feet are more agile. Before, it was just one block as the muscles were stuck. I can also turn better. It is like my body go a tuneup.

Fascial is released through having a fixed point while the whole body moves around it. I am experimenting on using this to train. For example, if my waist is turning to the right, as in Fist Draping Body, someone would push my skin against my turn providing a guide for a much more stable turn.


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