What is “Ji” ?

by Albert Chung on 2019/12/31

Albert’s private lesson with Master Chen, Wednesday, Dec 11, 2019, Phoenix, AZ.

“Ji” (Squeeze, 挤) is one of the eight hand techniques in Tai Ji Quan – peng, lu, ji, an, cai, lie, zhou, kao.

1. Example



diagram 1

Diagram 1: Shows the bottle is hung in a reset or balance position.


diagram 2

Diagram 2: Hand pushes the bottle to an out-of-balance position. If the bottle was moved away from the hand it will reset to a balance position as in diagram 1.  In order to keep the bottle out-of-balance continuously, the hand must move to match the movement of the bottle.  This is “Ji”.

2. Practice

diagram 3


Diagram 3: A pushes B.

When A’s hands touch B, A applies slight pressure on hands to determine center and direction of B.  A rotates shoulders so that the elbows and hands are in alignment aiming at B’s center.  To push B, A maintains upper body structure and move only the forward foot in towards B.

diagram 4

Diagram 4: When B is pushed and feels out-of-balance, B will try to regain a balance position by retreating backward.  Application of “Ji” is to keep B out-of-balance continuously by applying constant pressure of push.

Key to successful “Ji”:  A must maintain upper body structure (NO MOVE) and only pushes with feet using forward shuffling steps.


diagram 5

Diagram 5: Forward shuffling steps.  Push is accomplished only with movement of feet while upper body maintains structure.  Size and speed of advancing shuffling steps must match your opponent’s retreating steps so that pressure of push is constant and continuous without any relief.

3. Experience

When Master Chen applied “Ji” on me, I felt the pressure of push and my body out-of-balance.  I tried to regain balance and relieve pressure by retreating backward.  Master Chen continued stepping forward to match my retreating steps and the pressure of his push was constant and continuous.

4. Summary from Master Chen

Grand Master Hong described the application of “Ji” as “heavenly cloth has no seams” (天衣无缝).  The recipient of the push should feel constant and continuous pressure without any relief until taken down.

Three movements of “Ji”:

a. Front will lock

b. Rear will pull back

c. The bottom will advance


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Kelvin Ho January 1, 2020 at 7:01 am

Thank you for the clear explanation.


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