Bali Workshop 2019 And The First Southeast Asia-Oceania Taiji Push Hands Competition Review

by Wenming Ong on 2019/11/26

This time the 7th practical method workshop in Indonesia was held in Bali.  Master Chen Zhonghua together with a team of trainers i.e: Wang Kai, Ling Ziming, Ling Zili, Song Zhenhua and participants from China arrived in Bali on November 19, 2019 at midnight. James Strider arrived at the 21st of November. The next day the lesson has begun and is followed by students who arrive earlier.  This workshop was very special because the day before the workshop which was November 22, 2019 was also held for the first time the push hands practical method match for the Southeast Asia and Oceania region.

Southeast asia and Oceania Taiji Push Hands Competition 2019.

The push hands competition was held by Master Chen Zhonghua as the chief organizer, James Strider from Australia as the head of the referees team and Ling Ziming as the head of the orchestration and technical team.  The match was attended by 24 participants from Indonesia, China, France, Greece, Israel and Australia.  This match has 7 categories according to body weight.  The game went smoothly and was very successful.After the game was over, master Chen gave private lessons to several participants. most of the contestants and spectators were reluctant to leave the building and keep practicing and doing push hands until the evening. It seems very clear that the master Chen and the students are very enthusiastic and in high spirits.

Bali Workshop 2019.

I had an honour to become a host again for the workshop. This is my 3rd time hosting Master Chen’s workshop in Bali. Although the workshop officially began on November 23rd and 24th, Master Chen already taught from 6am on November 20 to November 25th. lots of material and details are taught, from foundation training, yilu, hen ha sound breathing, steps, fajin and push hands. Notes for a few lessons will be shared in a separate article. The number of Workshop participants is around 70 people from 12 countries: Indonesia, China, Australia, India, France, USA, UK, Greece, Germany, Israel, Russia and Timor Leste. The vibes were good and the lessons were clear and concise.

Discipleship Ceremony.

On November 24th, there was also a discipleship ceremony for 2 new disciples from Indonesia, i.e: Ong Hock Chuan and Wulan. Master Chen also received 6 new applications from 6 students to become apprentice disciple.


Within 6 days (November 20-25) master Chen covered a lot of subject matter in the practical method. Workshop participants have a lot of homework and materials to practice on their own. in my opinion and most of the participants, the workshop in Bali this time was very successful and enjoyable. Thank you to Master Chen Zhonghua and the trainers, my team as organizer and all workshop participants. See you again next year.mmexport1574782821707

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