First day after Midwest Practical Method Workshop 2019

by Lou Sacharske on 2019/08/01

This morning was my first post-training camp workout, and it was awesome. My mind was flooded with all the great corrections and insights Master Chen gave us. There was a virtual wooden TV tray on my head during the yilus (private lesson reference).

It was especially great to see new people at the camp like George, who was so giving with his therapy help, and Travis, who will be spreading PM seeds in eastern PA.

A special thanks to all the senior disciples who were so ready and willing to help. Also, I will be forever thankful to Master Chen for his relentless dedication to passing on Chen Style PM.

About Lou Sacharske

Involved with martial arts since 1977. Background includes Shaolin, Kenpo, 8-Step Praying Mantis, Shuai jiao, Yang tai chi, Ba Gua, Xing I, BJJ, MMA, Kali, American boxing.

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