First visit in Berlin

by IVI on 2019/04/18

As a mechanical engineer and athlete who has been practicing Taijiquan (Yang Style 85 form) for several years, I was happy to discover Master Chen ZhongHua’s “Practical Method” on the Internet. I’m just thrilled about his martial art, humanity and kind to teach Taiji.

This made some things clear to me even in my form and I was able to learn faster and practice more effectively.So I wanted to use the next good opportunity to learn some lessons directly from a practicing people of this style. Because I’was going to Berlin half marathon anyway I disided to visit the training of Sven Gusowski in Charlottenburg.

And yes, the name is here also the program!

Clear, pragmatic and very realistic. Just the experience of how they moving and using the hips, pelvis and shoulders in the practice group was impressive to me. This clearly opens up new paths for me and motivates me to practice more diligently! The basic exercises are apparently designed so that they leave no room to cheat. After Sven made some corrections in my posture and I learned the practical application, the effect became sustainable.

Already during my run on Sunday the posture was noticeably better and the feet much lighter. I am convinced that “Practical Method” enhances internal martial arts and provides better access for many people from “Western” countries.

In any case, I will incorporate some basic exercises from “Practical Method” into my daily routine.

Thanks a lot Sven!

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