Toronto Workshop, Day 3, March 4, 2019

by Michael Lamberti on 2019/03/04

-I missed the first hour.

To manipulate and opponent requires gradually altering the “friction” of the contact points. We need to be able to go from 10 units of friction to 8 units to 6 to 4 to 2 as we do a move, and we need to be able to do this more quickly than the opponent can adapt to us. This is very difficult to do, it requires a lot of foundations. When someone is pushing us, if we have too much yang we will lose, too much yin and we will also lose.

The universe was nothing, and then was created through a rotational force. Therefore, a rotational force cannot be countered. This does not mean a rotational force can do everything. However, the progress of a rotational force is unlimited; 360 degrees. An external straight line has an end.

In Practical Method progression is “natural.” If we follow Master Chen enough, someone who has been following Master Chen for 3 years will never beat someone who has been following Master Chen for 5 years. We have to go through the natural progression. A 6-year-old boy cannot impregnate someone. It doesn’t matter what he reads or how he trains. He cannot do it until he progresses naturally to maturity.

It has to be a rotation. When you add distance from another dimension to a rotation, it is a spiral. A drill bit does not move forward, the drill bit just rotates. It is the arm that holds the drill that moves forward.

When one merges with the Tao, all of civilization will restart.

There are no movements in the form. Movements are the result of flexing muscles and Master Chen does not do that in the form.

A rotation means that the direction of the spiral never changes. When it changes, it is a movement.

Never follow. Keep making straight lines with the arm. If the opponent backs away, rotate with the lower body so you can keep making those straight lines into the opponent.

The gondoliers in Venice practice a higher art than taiji. They are able to create fixed point that functions as a pivot just by sticking their pole over the side of the gondola.

When we finally see something, we can finally learn it. We should watch a video of Master Chen doing yilu every day until we finally see a move, then we can learn it. Seeing something is like being born. From that point on, it’s just a matter of eating and growing. Before birth, there’s nothing to grow.

Master Chen uses reversals on opponents. He does not fight where they are strong. He pretends to, but really, he gets underneath them and controls them from there.

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