Health and Physical Benefits of Practical Method

by Mark Hanley on 2017/11/23


I have fascia problems that limit and sometimes interfere with certain movements originating from a car accident and then being pushed on my tailbone 15 years ago. In October, my physio-therapist told me that my hips are opening and to continue with whatever exercises I was doing. I simply said that I am doing a Tai chi form that emphasizes stretching. She indicated that the stretching was breaking up the fascia.

Of course; I did not tell her I have been at it for a year and that I was still trying to understand how to perform a stretch properly, as well as, how to move from an elbow or move one side while not moving the other despite my instructor (Kelvin Ho) endless enthusiasm, direction and encouragement.
Kelvin wrote an article recently on not moving in it he talks about the tools learned (stretching) prior to being able to use them. I can say that having some knowledge has had dramatic effects on the body like opening the shoulders to sit properly on your body; the building of endurance, standing straight and of course breaking up of Fascia. I can only hope the second year of training is as eventful.

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I have done Aikido, Karate and Wig Chun. I have practised tai chi for 7 years and have now started the practical method with Kelvin Ho as my instructor

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