Triangle (part 2) – Richmond Hill class notes on Feb 4, 2017

by lucaslu on 2017/02/07

We continued the topic about the triangle in today’s class. To apply the triangle during push hand or Yilu we need to realize the following keys:

  1. How many triangles are needed
    • The more the better as long as it can contribute the indirect force to the final result.
    • My understanding is we need at least two: the first one is formed in upper body. It involves contact points. The triangle can be two hands + one shoulder or one hand + elbow + shoulder or one hand + two shoulders; the second one is formed in lower body. It can be one foot + kua + shoulder or two feet + kua. This perfectly explains the theory of rooted in the feet, initiated from the legs, controlled by the waist, ended in the fingers”(其根在脚,发于腿,主宰于腰,形于手指).
  2. Apply one triangle on top of another
    • Keep this in mind: fix one and then apply next. This is required by the rule of “Don’t move”.
  3. Build a solid structure
    • A solid structure will be like a rod or chair. Opponent’s power will be directed to ground and bounced back to them easily.
    • The solid structure will also support forming triangles.
    • We always look for opponent’s weak point in their structure, so we can apply our triangles accordingly.

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