Hong Kong – Sunday Class of Nicholas Fung – 12.2.2017

by Sarah on 2017/02/13

Yesterday I could attend the class of Nicholas Fung, situated in the middle of Hong Kong. We have been five students and trained for two hours, which passed by surprisingly quickly.

1) Content

– First we did fetch water with yoga blocks. We did fifty each side, break and another fifty.

– Then we focused on elbow in and used rubber cords for the feedback. We did again fifty each side, break and another fifty.

– Then we did the same exercise, pulling the elbow in, but this time doing it as a partner exercise.

– Then we practiced one – two – three steps. Foot out, shift the weight and pull the other foot.

– Then we did this same exercise with the arms wrapped up and as a partner exercise.

– This exercise was extended, one – two – three the same and then hands out.

– Then we did the first part of yilu and everybody got corrections.

– After the official class we went to a park and trained some pushing hands, focusing on “go in” and “catch and lock – rotate”.

2) Teaching style

Nicholas is very patient and shows moves again and again. He has a very good empathy for the person and the process. Because of this, the amount of corrections was just right. He shows and explains the content very precisely and gives enough time to practice, what was taught. He uses a lot of utilities (mirror, wall, yoga block, rubber band and partner exercises) to have physical feedback, which helps to come closer to the content. Altogether I appreciate his teaching style a lot.

3) Closure

I am really happy, that I had the luck to attend his class. It is always beneficial to see, how other teacher are explaining and teaching and I think, the content of his classes is very well composed, theory and practice are balanced just right. It is a harmonious and dedicated group, they are helping each other through giving feedback. I really liked his class.


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I am learning Taijiquan - Practical Method since 2011.

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James Tam December 8, 2017 at 11:21 am

Thank you Sarah for an excellent review/summary of the classes led by Nicholas Fung in Hong Kong. Great work! (Thumbs up!)


Nicholas Fung馮嘉傑(香港) December 20, 2017 at 1:29 am

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