Practical Method Tai Chi Class Notes at Paradise Valley Community College, Phoenix (1)

by Ping Wei on 2017/01/30

Spring Semester, 1 credit, PED101TC, Paradise Valley Community College

Monday and Wednesday, 12-12:55pm, 1/23/2017-5/4/2017. Total 19 students registered, age from 19 to 75.

Class Notes:

First Week (1/23, 25):

Lower the Qi and cleanse the body: Focus on body awareness, learn how to bend knees.

Twisting towel; Fetching water: Focus on establishing a central axel while rotating. Do not shift weight.

Positive and negative circles: Use the other hand to pull the elbow in in both circles. (For example, use left hand to pull right elbow in.)

Six Sealing Four Closing–the positive circles in routine.

Fist Draping over the Body; Fist of Covering Hand–double negative circle.

Side step: shovel out, heel first.

Second Week: (1/30, 2/1)

General Review;

New: Talk about the stance. Use one and a half shoulder width stance. Emphasize knee position.

White Crane Spreads its Wings–double negative circles, to Brush Knee in Oblique Stance.

Cloud Hands–double positive circles

Block Touching the Coat–Positive and Negative circles combination

Stepping, with hands move (cloud hands)






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