Chen Style Tai Chi Practical Method came to Phoenix, Arizona

by Ping Wei on 2011/02/02

Wednesday Night Class in Phoenix

I feel privileged to spend 2 days and 3 nights with Master Chen (1/31-2/3/2011). I observed all my students’ private lessons. It made me very happy to be confirmed that they all made progress in the past year.

To move, or not to move, it’s never a question. But to truly achieve move-less action, there’s a long way to go. Master Chen re-taught us the training methods. That’s what my students and I must to follow and practice. I also have to thank my students for their trust in my teaching. Teaching made me better. To host Master Chen also means that I have opportunities to push with him every night before going to bed. I wish the nights could be stretched a little longer. I wish my body will remember everything I experienced. How to move in (to your opponent’s space) becomes more clear to me. Not on, not off. It’s still mystery to me. But the correct training method is the key to solve the mystery. What is the correct training method? The circles. The peng jin from the circles (connected to the rear foot) can make the touch “not on and not off.” Wish I could follow Master Chen to all his workshops.

Qigong with Bogna in Phoenix

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