Misunderstanding of Taiji Treaties

by Sarah on 2016/09/04

_1130027Here are some notes of a “Dinner-Lecture“, it was funny to re-listen 😉

  • if you can rotate your shoulder, the power from your body will transmit to your hand; many people fight tough but they have no power, because power comes from the ground, by connecting soledly on to the ground → this is upper body solution
  • when the qua is open, your upper body will connect to the ground, if you can not connect to the ground your power is a superficial power
  • saying: a piece of wood can stand 1000 pounds but if it`s cricket, it cannot stand anything
  • you need to be straight, straight basically meens there is no deviation with the incoming force
  • entire taiji treaties are based on avoiding the issue, so you think you understand something, but you actually don`t
  • so your chest is very big, the bullet is very small, you think, you are confronting it, it goes through, it is because it is not confronting; confronting the bullet means, you find a part of your body, or you find a bullet, that is a little bit smaller then the first bullet and goes accurately right into the middle of your bullet and it will split
  • our idea is, when you pushhands, every time, when your opponent pushes, you have to push right back into him, without loosing it, without retreating, no hesitation
  • the power of the pillar, is how straight it is right onto the center of gravity of the object on top of it
  • if it goes of a little bit, it collapses, so you cannot deviate at all
  • discussion about how to use your waist: Chen Laoshi: best way of using your waist, is not use your waist, if you move your hands or whatever, never move your waist; nobody agrees, because, the taiji treaties say, that the power come of the usage of the waist; Chen Laoshi: this is true, but it doesn`t mean move your waist, USE your waist
  • when there is enough power, you move your waist, you fall down, its going to collapse onto you
  • when you are really engaging power, you cannot move anything, you can only move something, that weight does not control
  • a line can break a surface, a dot can break a line, in the end its a dot, one dot

Regarding pushhands

  • on „beginner“ level, don`t ask any questions, just go there and fight and fight and fight
  • because your body is not trained, not tough, not fast, you have to get yourself ready
  • taiji requirement is, that when you are ready, your body has to be not only tough but has to be strong

Thanks to Paul for recording!!

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