Berlin Workshop 2016 – first notes

by Sarah on 2016/06/16

  • notesMost Important: Nobody can see, what Chen Laoshi is doing (except Chen Xu), when he is throwing a stone in the water and waves are appearing, everyone is asking, how to make such waves (form of the waves, etc.), but he just throws the stone
  • first 13 moves: shovel out, waist cannot go forward, has to be zero, only can go down, to push out
  • shovel out means to bypass
  • your opponent is strong in different dimensions, you always wrapping around him
  • all forward moves you have to lock yourself down
  • movements must be led by the piece were I and you don`t touch, move as one piece, like one wall going at you, which part is leading is very different
  • to suck: evenly energy distribution: put ten pounds in ten places, appears like little power; you can use any body part as a contacting point, your energy has to go through this contacting point to every part of your opponents body
  • shun and ni: shun = must be on it (the line) and turn; ni means you are not on it, you are against the line
  • everything has to go through one spot = everything spins towards one spot
  • you cannot see the rotation, when it`s round
  • action is deviation, if there is no deviation, you cannot detect anything
  • never put your opponent in danger (= taiji principle), either of you will fall very gracefully, but if there is danger, something really bad is going to happen
  • forearm has to become longer
  • warping (not sure about this word) = becoming longer; warping = outside is controlled, no movement, inside becomes bigger and has no way to go, then there appears a change of size but no change of time, causes you to believe there is time
  • threshold cannot move
  • movements have to halves, exactly the same, but opposite directions
  • saying: don`t fight opponent, you swallow him in and spit him out from the stomach → image shows there is a circle
  • inside has to be supported
  • sealing = take space out (as you get closer, you have to seal)
  • in taiji you never reach out
  • position: 49 % (front foot), 51 % (rear foot) → feel strong at the front, not strong at the back → we are all opposite
  • don`t change angle, like snow-shovel
  • arm has to be one piece
  • everything has to be totally proportionally coordinated
  • we have to expand (joints)
  • rules for wrist: wrist must not exist, has to become no joint, joints are two pieces, no joint is one piece
  • in taiji: we assume body is a mess, too many things, body has too many pieces in disorder
  • never put power on a joint
  • “pushing” must be backward loading, like bow and arrow
  • to root: you can root on anything in any position
  • push hands: every move must be used for something, everything is useful, have to become like water, wrapping around opponent; movements like steel moving like water

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