“Teaching Push Hand 2 ” Online Video Trailer

by Kelvin Ho on 2016/04/07

Presenter: Chen Zhonghua   Length: 6 min.   In: English & Chinese   Year: 2015  Difficulty:2/5

Teaching Push Hand 2
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About Kelvin Ho

Kelvin Ho, Master Chen Zhonghua's 97th disciple, is the instructor for Practical Method Toronto. He has been teaching and promoting the Practical Method system in Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, Canada since 2011. He has received numerous medals in various Taiji competitions. He is also a vice-president of MartialArts Association Canada. Like his teacher, he feels an obligation to pass this great art onto others. Contact: kelvin.ho@practicalmethod.ca

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Richard Johnson June 26, 2018 at 3:29 pm

This video might also be named “Yin and Yang Separation.” At first, it might be a little off-putting for English speakers as much of the instruction is in Chinese. Much of the footage is also shot from Shifu Chen’s posterior angle. Al of these are actually recommendations for this video. I am an advocate of turning off the sound in videos and watching to learn, so if you do not speak Chinese, you already have an advantage. Watching the class, one can observe how absorbed they are with what Shifu Chen is doing with his hands as we all are. The posterior view angle allows you to focus on what his torso is doing and not doing. This is a great advantage in learning these skills.


Kelvin Ho July 14, 2020 at 4:02 pm

0:04 – 2;47 Master Chen was emphasizing on separation of yin and yang. Whether it was the hand going out or the elbow coming in, his body never moved. There were clearly moving and non-moving parts.

3:00 What we train are top-bottom separation and left-right separation. When we add them together, we have “silk reeling”

3:37 Top-botom separation: In the demostration, Master Chen’s torso did not move, only his leg moved. In general, top-bottom separation is top moving and bottom not moving, or top not moving and the bottom moving.

3:55 Left-right separation: In the demostration, Master Chen’s torso did not move, only his right hand moved. In general, left-right separation is left moving and right not moving, or left not-moving and right moving.

4:05 By the time we can successfully do it, it does not look like taiji (the kind of taiji people typically perceives it as) anymore.


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