Weifang Martial Arts Festival 2014

by admin2 on 2014/08/19


  • Chen Xu won gold on Adult 65 kg push hands
  • Ling Zili won gold on Adult 60 kg push hands
  • Han Rui won gold on Adult 80 kg push hands
  • Hugo Ramiro won silver on Adult 65 kg push hands
  • Michael Winkler won gold on traditional taiji form (8.46)
  • Tim Duehring won gold on taiji broad sword (8.65), and gold on Hunyuan 24.

  • Jerry Wang won gold on Youth 85 kg push hands
  • Wen Yang Tao won silver on Adult 85 kg push hands
  • Lai Chunlei won silver on Adult 56 kg push hands
  • Li Xiaohui won silver on Adult 75 kg push hands


Master Chen was invited to give a talk during the competition
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