Daqingshan survival guide V 1.0

by blake on 2012/08/24


so a lot of people i’ve talked to have said they wanted a in depth guide on stuff they might need to bring to the mountain, now this guide is less important for people here for shorter stays so if you’re here for less than a month it wont be so important, but if your here for more than 2 months this list might make your stay much more enjoyable, so here’s my first revision of the daqingshan survival guide apologies in advance for the terrible grammar and spelling

1.) Clothes, One of the most important things to prepare for on the mountain is proper clothing because of the humidity and the fact that all clothes are line dried , your clothes become wet VERY easily but the opportunity to dry them isin’t always there, my strongest recommendation is for darker fabrics, very thin and light, synthetic fibres, and low cost.

Avoid heavy cotton fabrics because they wick up moisture in the air and will only become truly dry in ideal circumstances or in your room with the AC blasting darker fabrics just because they tend to show soil less and i would HEAVILY suggest buying cheap but in larger quantity, having 10 cheap T-shirts will serve your needs much better than 2-3 brand name sports shirts that will in all likelihood get worn out from training and being wet for days at a time this year i had great results with a couple knockoff under armour long sleeve shirts (dont pay more than 10$) and would definitely suggest them, they wick sweat and dry very quickly and dont hold onto smells and they have good training shoes here for around 3$ USD a pair my current clothing list
2 long sleeve under armour knockoff shirts
10+ cheap T-shirts (blanktees.com/.ca are very cheap and free shipping in NA)
10+ undershirts (they are good for push hands so when someone pushes with you , you aren’t like a wet sponge)
10+ pairs of low cut sports socks
1-2 pairs of shorts for training and for the beach
5+ pairs of pants, kung fu pants work great but if your cheap like me you can get a bunch of used nurses scrubs from a used clothing store one pair of sneakers and for the unlikely possibility of cold weather i have one acrylic army surplus sweater
and one pair of wool socks one outfit to wear in the city and for trips and finally one rip repair kit (dental floss, lighter, scissors, sewing needle)

2.) toiletries, while most toiletries are easily acquired, shampoo, toothpaste, soap etc one thing that isn’t readily available is underarm deodorant stick sunscreen is available here but only up to SPF 30 as far as i’ve seen and probably the most important thing is a bottle of tea tree oil, a 50ml bottle should be around 10$ and will last around a year with even daily use, this is one of the the strongest antiviral antibacterial essential oils and is a near panacea for any skin issue, from athletes foot, acne, cuts and infections a couple drops rubbed to area after showering will help keep it clean all day exfoliation, because of the climate and training i find my skin gets oil buildup faster than usual, having a loofa or exfoliating cloth/gloves will really help scrub off any excreted toxins as well help refresh your skin

3.) medical, now generic medication is EXTREMELY cheap here (ex. pills for digestive issues are less than 1$ usd)
so unless you have some specific medicine you cant live without dont worry too much about it
i’ve developed quite a collection of medicine that people abandon here

4.) food, now for people here for longer periods you might find your craving for some familier
foods gets pretty obsessive, here are some of the things that you might end up missing chocolate (chocolate is here but the only brands worth buying are Dove and snickers, most other brands use very little actual cacao or even cacao substitutes)

butter, only available in big cities

cheese, the holy grail, almost impossible to get cheese here, though surprisingly the cheese
they use at pizza hut here is pretty decent but the closest one is in Qingdao

coffee, available on the mountain

candy, very easily found

5.) miscellaneous

electric mosquito repeller and or bug spray if your the type that mosquitoes love surge protector/up converter, while most of our laptops can use the power here, a good power surge will fry most electronics, so get a power converter with surge protection electric hair/beard trimmer (though can be bought here) small flashlight for any power outages or late night walks.

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Niko August 30, 2012 at 1:00 am

I´am already looking forward for the post Daqingshan suvival guide V 1.0


Nathan November 14, 2012 at 11:45 am

Sun hat with mesh sides for ventilation. You can get the woven straw Chinese ones for cheap no problem but they’re not as comfy. Allows training at all hours of the day during summer months.


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