“5-Disallowances 2” Mini Lesson

by Shopmaster on 2012/08/11

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Mini Lesson demonstrating the Five Disallowance in Taijiquan.  No Hands; No Waist; No Hips/Buttocks; No Shoulders; No Knees

Presenter: Chen Zhonghua   Length: 7 min.   In: English   Year: 2012  Difficulty:1/5  At:Daqingshan Mountain Resort

5-Disallowances 2
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Another video on the theory of Five Nos

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Patrick Dickson January 6, 2013 at 9:39 pm

The importance of the concepts in this video could never be over rated. Some very precise, accurate, essential information is provided by Master Chen. The concept of the five nos follows Taoist philosophy and in many ways helps make one’s form real and effective…


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