Carlos Hanson Yilu June 29, 2012

by Carlos Hanson on 2012/06/30

This is my 603rd repetition of the form in 2012.

About Carlos Hanson

I have studied Chen Style Taijiquan since 2006. I started learning the Practical Method in February of 2011. Before studying the Practical Method and attending a seminar with Master Chen Zhonghua, I maintained interest in Baguazhang and Xinyi. However, the Practical Method is now more than enough for me to learn.

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Carlos Hanson December 3, 2020 at 5:31 pm

It has been a while since I last viewed this video. I’m glad I joined Master Chen’s online classes this month. In light of his observations of my form this morning, I can definitely see how I am too soft in this video. I see it in my 2018 video as well, but it is very obvious to me here. I look forward to see how things change.


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