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by Sarah on 2012/05/18

Hi everybody,

In the video “detailed instructions” minute 29:50, Master Chen Zhonghua is explaining  a step. Does anyone know how to practice it?

Should I  practice the separation version first? Because, when I step in, there is no dissynchronisation.

Thanks a lot from Germany


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wilkin May 22, 2012 at 1:56 pm

Hi, if you are referring to the initial closing move, one way to practice the desync movement is to do moving step circle, with the sequence reversed (i.e: bring elbow in as front foot step forward)


Aiki May 25, 2012 at 7:34 am

That can sometimes be referred to as a ‘stomp’. If you asked me, i’d say try a ‘separate version first’, as you put it. Bring in your foot and then land, then bring it again, and also land, etc… It will build speed and structure with time. At first just land, you don’t have to kick down, taiji is not a means to hurt ourselves.
But! 2 things… First, although you should practice with both feet, and this is also important… I would perhaps forget about it right now and think about it later on.
Because 2, the truth is that as you practice(taiji), your feet will get ‘heavier’, in the sense that you gain much greater control over them, so it gets to a point where you can perform this with much greater precision, an ease.

Master Chen talks about this in one of his videos, dont worry too much about doing it exactly like him at first, train your body and the mind will follow, once it does, then you can focus on individual things.

In yoga masters would say: once you can hold a certain position for very long and still feel comfortable, then you’ve learned something, and its time to move on to another form.
Or simply: you have your own time to learn things, don’t push it too hard.

Cheers and best wishes,
I speak simply from my own experiences, feel free to disagree.


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