Practical Tai Chi – Nicholas Mann, Guelph, Ont, Canada

by Nick Mann on 2011/06/10

Practical Tai Chi is breaking new ground by teaching the ancient art of Tai Chi while avoiding the ‘lingo’ and mystique usually associated with it.  The focus of instruction tends towards the practical benefits of the art and the language used during instruction is also straight forward, avoiding the typical use of ambiguous and mystical language. The goal of Practical Tai Chi is to allow everyone to access this art by pushing aside all of the mystical undertones and focusing on the simple core elements that give practitioners immediate health benefits and martial arts awareness.  We also strive to create an atmosphere where people from all cultural backgrounds can feel both comfortable and well-informed while learning the ancient art of Tai Chi. Practical Tai Chi classes teach and transmit the authentic Practical Method of Chen Style Tai Chi. The Practical Method was taught to Nicholas Mann by Master Chen Zhonghua.

Tai Chi classes are offered at the YMCA in Guelph on Tuesdays from 9:15-10:15am. If you are not a YMCA member you can attend this class by paying for a YMCA day pass, $11.50 + HST.  There is no pre-registration required and you can join at anytime. These classes are geared to all levels of experience. Remember beginners are only beginners at their first class, so come on out.

There will be 8 classes held at the University of Waterloo beginning on Jan. 18th. These will be held each Wednesday from 3:30-4:30pm in the University of Waterloo’s PAC Studios. Please contact us for more information.

Private lessons are available. If you would like to set up private lessons for your self or for a small group please let us know. We have several locations to use for small classes.

Please contact us via. the contact form on this site for information regarding these classes.

Classes have also been offered to the University of Guelph’s Steelworkers members,  employees of Homewood Health Center,  clients of Stonehenge Therapeutic Community, Members of the YMCA of Guelph, and teachers at ST. James High School.

If you would like to have Practical Tai Chi teach in your business or workplace, please contact us.  We are confident we can work with you to discover how to best bring Tai Chi lessons into your organization.

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