Master Ni YuanHai Push Hand Demonstration

by admin2 on 2012/03/20

Master Ni is disciple of GM Feng, a good friend of Master Chen who visit him often at Daqingshan. He opened a martial art school at nearby Zidongshan city and has produced many push hand champions.

In 2010, he taught push hand course for the full time students at Daqingshan, the two videos below are in chinese with some english translation.

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bruce.schaub March 21, 2012 at 8:19 am

That’s great footage, thank you. The 4th takdown in at 22 sec looks like textbook usage of the technique Master Chen was teaching in the recent “2011 Germany Practical Method Workshop 3” video where the body steps forward and the hands split to the side (i dont know what it’s called…a variation of wave hands maybe?) I really learned alot from both of Master Ni’s push hands videos as well as the “Advanced Pushing Hands” video…..where Master Chen takes his students to the park where GM Hong learned from Chen Fake….it’s truly amazing and the combination of slow motion with written text of the various energies and techniques being used makes it a great learning tool. You can really see the sequential layered energy transfer and focus on which body part is not moving. Excellent!


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