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by Richard Johnson on 2011/02/09

Fill it in, then add one.

  • Get in –  Loose –  get into position, set it up, dissipate the opponent’s force. Two ways: Receive (a push from) the opponent. OR, Move into the opponent without pushing. (large circle)
  • Fill it up – Tight or stiff – Drawing a bow creates a rod. Hand and forearms are dao (knives). Everything comes into the line of the knife. (small circle)
  • Add one – Trigger – tap, poke, release, heel, change direction.

One principle is to create a lever.

(Seesaw diagram)

  1. upper end – contact point – the demarcation line. There is more on the other side of this point.
  2. middle  – fulcrum (pivot point) Must stay still.
  3. lower end – drop back ( also draw bow onto line).  Back point must be lower than contact point.

CZH “If the whole body moves (displaces), whatever you do, the result will all be the same. It will always be pushing. This is incorrect.

“If the body does not move (only rotates), whatever you do, it will be different (like a wheel). This follows Taiji principles and has the chance of being correct.” (included in defining principles of the Practical Method).

CZH, “The body can’t be on the line, so when you try to put your body on the line it creates power.”

Rotation ( the same as aim). Always aim at the opponent’s mingmen. Always aim at your own rear foot.

( warping diagrams)

Bu ji bu li

Not off, not on directly.

Fill it to make it on (creates on), then shear with an off – warp (rotation). One cable becomes longer (warps). Fix the outside, warp the inside. Fix the inside, warp the outside.

Recalibration – compensation (small adjustments) Hit with stretch.

Sleeve when going in.

Xia ta – sink like mud – becomes anchor.

When pushed – ta front leg.

When pulled – ta back leg.

Like what you’ve been doing, except that each ta creates an arch to the other foot too.


Ta creates a solid structure (wall). Rubbing (circular) brushes off in a way that is hard to react to.

Two axes, like 2 gyroscopes (crisscross).

Zhuan Guan – turn (over the) fortress, stronghold; going over the hump.

Method – set an edge, then go over it or pull opponent over it.  All because I don’t move.

CZH, ” Taiji skills are very elusive, but all the mistakes can be learned right away.”

Richard Johnson

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Richard Johnson March 8, 2011 at 9:47 am

I finally got my Wednesday notes posted. There are several advanced Yilu topics here.


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