Don’t react to a push

by Khamserk on 2010/06/18

When you are being pushed don’t react to the push.  Only go down and take a step forward.  This seems very difficult to some people but Master Chen insists that it is mental: “if someone said they would give you ten dollars every time you went down you could go down.” We must train to always go down even if it means falling down. We must learn to not be afraid to go downward.  If you are going to lose, lose downward.  This way we become accustomed to the proper reaction.

About Khamserk

Edmonton Instructor for the Practical Method Academy. Kham Serk studied with Master Chen Zhonghua at the age 15 and thorough many full time courses and other learning methods, became a disciple in 2012 on Daqingshan in China.

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