Charles Gordon’s Daqingshan notes 1

by charlie gordon on 2010/06/23

i’ve noticed i’m writing a lot fewer notes this year compared to last, as i’ve heard many of the principles and ideas before. doesn’t mean i can reproduce them in my body yet.

some notes so far:

master chen applied pressure on my arm through a positive circle and when trying to come out on count 3 i was caught with the power on my wrist. he had me drop my shoulder to pull the power from my wrist down to the floor saying “there always has to be a move (from a part of the body) to anchor power to the floor”.  this is often the shoulder.

i’ve been watching people’s shoulders through their form or while pushing, and just about everyone’s shoulders rise up. this is something i need to concentrate on this summer as i’m the smallest guy of the bunch and pushing with the bigger lads can really nag my shoulders if i’m not careful to keep them sunk. both of my shoulders were injured years ago and i feel there’s still a lot of tension to get through before i can effectively do the applications without resorting to muscular strength.

About charlie gordon

I started studying Chen Style Practical Method with Gordon Muir in Victoria in 2007. After attending a few workshops with Master Chen Zhonghua, in 2009 I decided to go to Daqingshan for 3 month full time training. After the summer I stayed in China another 6 months studying Mandarin and training with Master Sun Zhonghua in Beijing.

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