Maple Ridge. March 28, 2010

by Chen Zhonghua Taiji Academy on 2010/03/29


Rick Kare, Todd Turik, Jody Hall, Randy Hay (one day), Blake Caldwell (one day), Bill Vanderhall, Kay Terai, Helen Kita, Gary Kong, Wilkin Ng, Jay Smith, Dina Kerr, Bob Fell.

We welcome Rick Kare from Victoria to join us this weekend.

Saturday morning was all Foundations and Yilu. Afternoon all push hands.

The positive circle was practiced in two counts. In and out. In is to compress the triangle into a dot. Out is to expand the dot into a triangle. Structure must be maintained.

Main exercise. How to issue power by lowering the shoulders while pushing the hands out. Common habit is to lower the shoulders and then push the hand out. This sequence of movement fall under the ills of “back and forth”. It is inefficient. We trained how to make the lowering of the shoulders and the pushing out of the hands into one move. By accomplishing this, we effectively turn the shoulder to hand piece into one lever. A levered move in this case is ONE action, not two actions.

I used the shoulder as an example to show that it can rotate in all directions.

When the hand is pushing out, it has to anchor on something. The shoulder is the base, the anchor for the hand. The shoulder then lines up with the kua and foot vertically to be grounded/rooted.

Everyone at the workshop is happy to see Wilkin making progress. Watching him is like seeing all the other students 7 years ago, making daily progress.

Supper at Sango again for Japanese food. Todd, Bill, Gary, Bob and myself went.

Definitely it is spring here in the lower mainland. Green every where and of course blossoms!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lots of push hands and explanations.
Taped some slow push hands with Gary, Jay and Rick with explanation. Also allowed students to work on free push hands with me giving on the spot commentary and explanations.

Supper at Honolulu on Main with Wilkin and Jody.
Wilkin helped me with my website at the airport.

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