Xavier Santiago Discipleship

by Practical Method on 2009/02/06

On February 6, 2009, Xavier Santiago of San Juan was accepted as Master Chen Zhonghua’s disciple through a brief ceremony presided by Raul Pujol. Xavier has been a student of Chen for several years. He became increasingly interested in the Chen Style Taijiquan as taught by Master Chen Zhonghua after attending workshops in Atlanta and Fairfield, IA. Last year, Xavier made trips to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and Maple Ridge, BC. Canada to work with Master Chen.
The ceremony marked a milestone in Xavier’s life. He is currently pursuing his studies as a medicine doctor. According to him, Chen Taiji has helped him concentrate in his academic studies and improve his marks.
The ceremony was witnessed by all participants of the San Juan workshop and fellow disciples Humberto Pomales, Raul Pujol, Richard Druitt and Rafael Velilla, all of Puerto Rico.

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