Taiji Lineage Poem

by webmaster2 on 2008/01/04

Originally written by: Ha Lezhi
By Ha Lezhi
On the occasion of Brother Chen Zhonghua honored as Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method International Standard Bearer
Summer 2004

Chinese martial arts have a long history

Chen Style Taijiquan created a new chapter

Based on I-Ching1 and Huang Ting2

Sources from the Chart of the River and the Silk Reeling is strong

The splendor of the past urges us on

Today’s magnificence is to be written

You are holding the only banner overseas

Your high reputation is based on respect of master and dedication to the art

1. Book of Changes. Ancient book of numerology and fortune telling. It is a major classic of Chinese philosophy and religion.

2. Book of the Yellow Chamber. A classic Daoist book written by Wei Cunhua.

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