Holland seminar

Workshop Practical Method Chen Style Taichi Quan push hands by Grandmaster Joseph Chen Zhonghua


De Glind 26-27april 2014, Netherlands

These notes are partly chronological and based on how I percieved them. I kept as close as I could to Master Chen’s exact words.


Day one

The workshop started with an introduction. Underlying the art of Practical Method Taiji Chen Style are thirteen dimensions. These thirteen dimensions are divided in two levels. Eight dimensions are related to the air; five are related to the floor.

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Tall and short i

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Udo and Chen Zhonghua at a workshop in Holland.

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Here are some photos of the training hall surrounding area of De Glind, Holland. Read more
The next three days will be in the De Glind Camp again in Holland. Two-person Sword fight and push hands!

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