After came back from DaQingShan, I resumed Practical Method Foundation classes every Wednesday for one hour. In one of the classes recently, when we were practicing “twisting the towel”, I saw one student’s elbows were away from his body. In that position, his elbows are out.  In order to let him understand what is “in”, what is “out”, I used a short stick to demonstrate for him. I let myself ready in the “twisting the towel” position, put one end of the stick against my rib and rest my middle finger on the stick. Then I showed him clearly when the elbow is out and when the elbow is in. To my surprise, I realized my elbows have never been truly “IN” before.
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At the evening class tonight, I taught the use of a white waxwood staff exercise for shoulder and elbow rotational control. Please see the video here.