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If you want to sponsor Master Chen Zhonghua for a workshop, please contact him directly at Master Chen is very busy with workshops. You need about a year’s advanced reservation. Therefore it is very important to reserve a weekend early.

Sydney Chen Zhonghua Taiji Academy

Sydney Chen Zhonghua Taiji Academy 澳洲悉尼陈中华太极馆

Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method 陈式太极拳实用拳法

Master Chen Zhonghua has been coming to Sydney, Australia to conduct annual workshops since 2012. First established by disciples Paul Janssens and James Strider, the Sydney group has now grown to over ten disciples.

Brian Chung, & Ling Zili, Master Chen Zhonghua’s disciples, are the instructors for the Sydney Chen Zhonghua Taiji Academy.

Classes and Practice Sessions:
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Gransmaster Hong Junsheng Portrait(Sketch)

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