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First comment Master Chen has for me is to make my stance larger when we started with circles.

We went over the details of twist towel foundation:
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Be Patient 8

by Wilkin Ng on 2010/05/03

On the weekend workshop, Master Chen told me to be patient. Tai Ji ability can not be gained overnight. It involves whole body connection, and this need time to be felt and be strong.

When pushing hands, it is better to take a loss then to use a muscle move that does not conform to Tai Ji principle. Using muscle to push opponents will give you bad habits which are hard to correct later.

One of the unique aspects of Master Chen workshop is his hands on instructions. He will let students push hand with him in any fashion, he will give you a counter and teach you how to do it. This is my third workshops and I have started to get a feel on how to do push hands properly. Read more

These are pictures (taken by Xavier Santiago) of the 2 week full-time training with Master Chen Zhonghua in Edmonton and Vancouver.

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