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At DaQingShan, Master Chen was discussing push hand with someone, I was observing at the side, I could not resist and said “I have a method”. Master Chen, upon hearing, stood aside, the other person kept the same posture, I used his original posture, applied a effective technique. I held on to that person, as he was working with me, I could not let him fall.
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I often heard a Taiji teacher saying to a physically strong student, “You are using force, you will need to first get rid of it, then what comes out afterwards will be Taiji energy.” What is Taiji energy? How is it used? Many people have their own opinions. However, most of them are very abstract, and difficult to grasp and understand. The more the students hear, the more confusing it comes. Isn’t that true? If the information provider is unclear himself, how can the listener understand? Read more

在国内,打太极拳的随处可见;在国外也不罕见。如果您稍微留点儿心,就会发现,绝大多数人走架的时候,手的动作多、动作大而且繁复。推手时也如是,净看见两个人用手互相推拉撕扯了。 Read more

有道是“学拳容易改拳难”,与其学错了再改,不如一上手就学对的。练太极,尤其是在初期,要把自己的非太极动作改掉,改就是提高。 Read more

The Magical Line 6

by Sun Zhonghua on 2011/09/27

Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method pays a great deal of attention to the lines on the human body. No matter in the performance of the routines, or in push hands, the body will naturally form energy lines. Some lines are formed quite naturally while others are formed gradually only after specialized training.

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I was watching Chen Zhonghua teach push hands one day in July of 2010 on Daqingshan when I could not resist saying, “I have a method.” On hearing this, Chen Zhonghua stepped away. The opponent did not move. I picked up where they had left off and proceeded to knock the opponent down. Of course I caught him so that he would not hit the floor. Read more

实用拳法对于缠法有独到的研究和见解。 Read more

There are many important principles in Chen Style Taiji Practical Method. One of which is the principle of 45 Degree. I have heard Chen Zhonghua spoke of it many times since. After years of studying and discovering, I am realizing its importance. Read more

The Story of Master Chen Zhonghua and Hong Sen.Read more

Author: Sun Zhonghua, 19th generation master of Chen Style Taijiquan and second generation master of Hunyuan taiji. Read more

1. 出手不出肘;收肘不收手。 Read more