From lowering stress to strengthening muscles, the Chinese marital art can help patients overcome the side effects of chemotherapy.

Chi At The Top 7

by Sandeepdesai on 2012/01/16

Standing atop a mountain in China’s Shandong province, Tai Chi master SENSEI SANDEEP DESAI finds himself.

When my trip to Daqingshan, a mountain in the Shandong province of China came through, I was delirious with joy. It not only gave me an opportunity to further my development in the art but also fulfilled my ultimate fantasy to dissolve into T’ai Chi while experiencing the fresh chi of the mountain. I was seized by an overwhelming urge to realise my full potential while soaking in tranquility and serenity. Read more

This interview of mine appeared in The Times of West Mumbai, The Times of India ( sunday, december 4, 2011). It is on my trip to Daqingshan, Rizhao, Shandong, China in the summer of 2011 to learn Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method.