Niko Papadakis

I have recently started re-reading Chen Style Taijiquan Practical method Vol. One: Theory by Hong Junsheng Shi Gong as translated by Chen Zhonghua Shifu. Not cover to cover…just browsing/scannng through while locking on to some points.

As I was doing this I noticed that I was enjoying the book more than in the past.I think one of the reasons is that as one matures in any special skill/art…understanding at a new level is achieved. And so clarity is pleasant.Of course this is an endless path. Otherwise it might not be worth the time & effort needed to aquire the higher levels.
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Greetings to all

My name is Niko Papadakis.I have been practicing Chen style Tai Ji Chuan PM since Oct. 2015 .3 1/2 years of consistent practice.

I started with John Dahms & Brennan Toh in Ottawa.From there I began my journey in PM as I attended my first workshop with Chen Shifu. I continue to attend workshops 2-3 times per year.
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