Kevin Chen

69108189_10218028781923968_2519197317823725568_nLast week, I joined the 3rd European Meetup in Toulouse to experience Chen style Taijiquan Practical Method for the first time in my life. The experience was mindblowing.

I initially discovered Practical Method a month ago via Youtube videos and I was impressed by the “scientificness” of the explanations regarding how to train our bodies to achieve Taiji movements. I have been practicing Chen style Taiji for roughly two years, but I never had the opportunity to get some in-depth understanding of the mechanics at stake in terms of physics (lines, rotations, revolution, levers etc.). So, after a little week of learning the choregraphy (13 moves) et trying to do the circles, I was on my way to Toulouse for my first immersion in Practical Method Taiji.
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