John Cheng


Seven Counts of Beginning Movements

Ready- Left Palm horizontal

  1. Turn to right
  2. Pull left toe in
  3. Shovel out left heel
  4. Shift weight
  5. Right hand out
  6. Pull up right elbow/knee
  7. Put foot and fist down

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Started with basic foundation teachings with Kelvin.

Concept 1-Twisting Towel

The hand leads elbow away from your body.  The elbow leads the hand in towards your body.   The movement is originated from the Kua and not the hand or elbow initiating the movement.  The concept of opening the elbow is to keep the hand and forearm on a straight line moving in and out of the tunnel or tube.  Opening the elbow allows the movement to come more from the center of my body.  Elbow and hand should not move too much into overextension.  The movement should be limited to only what your Kua can open.

Concept 2- Lifting water

Half horse stance-distance ideally should be 3 calf lengths, shifting forward 1/3 in front distance and 2/3 rear distance. The Kua initiates the motion.  The front shoulder, rear shoulder and hand begin in a triangle formation initially and then becomes a 3 points on a line.  Kua should be opening the elbow. Hand are in a shape of tile with slight curve.  Space between fingers and thumb closed and all fingers are extending.  Wrist is sitting by extension of wrist and opening separating into opposite direction.