alex renwick

Broadsword Form 5

by alex renwick on 2014/04/28

Here is a version of the Broadsword Form that I performed at World Tai Chi Day 2014 in Houston.  I’m posting it because I didn’t find many examples on line when I was looking  for help.  My own criticism is that my stance isn’t low enough or wide enough.  One point I was working on was to have each move coming in, toward the body, or going out, away from the body, and to have smooth transitions between the two where appropriate.  I would welcome what ever comment anyone might have.

Edit: You may notice that I left out one cut at the end. I was busy thinking about what I would need to do to move back to my starting position and forgot it. You can see it both in Carl Lindberg’s version and Steve Chan’s.

Sore Knees 11

by alex renwick on 2010/10/24

One day at lunch I pointed out a deficiency of our training to Master Chen. Read more

Master Chen happened to be in the studio while I was taking a break from doing yilu.  I had done thirty forms that day, and I had in mind to do ten more in the hour left of class.  Naturally, I was looking around for distractions before continuing. Read more