This year we were scheduled to receive master Chen at march, but due to a few issues beyond all of us it wasn’t possible.
The problem for us locally was that by then we had already confirmed with a lot of people, teachers of other taiji styles and other arts who were attending the workshop.
Faced with having to make a decision, me and my partner Flavio Prado decided simply to conduct the workshop ourselves, best we could, and introduce everyone to Practical Method, so when Master Chen comes at a later date, everyone would be more prepared to learn taiji from him.

This is a little bit of how it went down:

We had a lot of fun and everyone was very hard working, interested and pleasant. We finally have an interested group being created which is a great step for us. Everyone in Brazil is dead serious about the martial aspect of the art, which I think benefits the practice.

Taiji is a very interesting art that has different challenges for everyone.

We covered topics ranging from basic foundations, yilu and push hands. Flavio also conducted some lessons on qigong and other general aspects of martial art. Everyone came out feeling they won something, and all of them are very excited with the prospect of being face to face with Master Chen in the future.

Hope you guys enjoy the video, all the best and keep training!

André Yilu Dec.28 2014 i

by Andre on 2014/12/28

A recent Yilu in the park here in Brasil, it was as hot as it gets.
I was out by the third Yilu frankly. 😛
The angle\footage isn’t great either and I slipped at times in the grass. 😀
But it gives an idea.
Feel free to make any level of comment, and thanks for watching.

The answer is NO!

Hi there Master Chen, these past days i’ve had the same question everyday, been trying to find an answer, looked over the old videos, but didnt really help. Read more

Just one more Yilu…

Everyone was training inside, while i had chosen a small space in the yard outside by the entrance of the academy, Master Chen walked by and said -“oh, you really wanna get a sun tan”. It was really hot that day, but as i did my Yilus and sweat started covering my face, i remembered much of how all of this started, why i originally choose Martial Arts, and everything that lead me to Taiji. Read more