Disciples Sven and Carlotta from Berlin visited Utrecht, the Netherlands.

by Vincent Den Hengst on 2019/11/19

In the weekend of 9 & 10 November Carlotta and Sven from Berlin came to Utrecht in the Netherlands for the Open Dutch Championship and a workshop.

Sven led the workshop and Carlotta the execution of the yilu 13 section. Two of my students in Holland, Lucas and Ester took part in it, together five of us.

Sven started with some foundations. Just where my knowledge stopped he gave me one extra thing to work on, that was excellent and clearly a sign of an experienced teacher. For example how to lead with the hand out with positive circle by following the line of the underarm was/is a gamechanger to me. Also Ester and Lucas benefitted a lot by his instructions.

Carlotta took a long time with Ester and Sven with Lucas just with one excersize:
-Meeting power from a push on the hip (being a good dummy, not powering up!)
-front kua open and hip higher to meet the power (don’t move)
-rear leg bent but with a stretch out too, as to land the push on the rear foot
-make sure there is no disbalance and no indentations
-feedback from the opponent pushing to make clear that it is felt by the pusher that all power is on the rear foot
-an act of separation by a stretch towards the opponent so that he/she must jump out (no push).

So nice is that everytime it worked, the opponent flies out seemingly effortless without feedback to the executioner. A very nice excersize that is now adopted in Holland from the Berlin style, thank you Sven and Carlotta!!!

Especially I would credit Carlotta that she took the time with Ester who suffers from hyperflexibility, to work on her hip and kua to open really far. Further than I would have done, so it was wise and nice that this time a disciple took care, thanks Carlotta, Ester felt better than otherwise.

About Vincent Den Hengst

My name is Vincent den Hengst from the Netherlands, Utrecht, where I started practicing Hunyuan Xinyi Chen Style Taijiquan under sifu James Fletcher in 2004. In 2013 I stepped over to Practical Method after a workshop organised by Grandmaster Chen Liansheng and taught by Grandmaster Chen Zhonghua at the Glind, The Netherlands. In 2014 & 2015 I went to Daqinshan for two months in total and attended five different workshops in Europe since 2013. Since 2015 I participated at some open competitions in China and the Netherlands. To me Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method as taught by Grandmaster Chen Zhonghua is the highest form of martial art. Feeling deeply grateful and lucky to be able to practice and having fulfilled my life queeste to find the one, perfect martial art.

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