TCAA Event in Sydney ,Australia

by 207 - Kenny Ly on 2019/09/15

A few of the Disciples of Sydney ,Australia came together to represent the Chen Style Practical Method to do a Demo at the yearly event host by the Tai Chi Association of Australia to celebrate the Tai Chi Cultural 2019 Moon Festival at the Redfern Townhall on the 15 Sept 2019, Sunday,starting from 9.00AM to IMG_6926 1.00PM.
This event is open for everyone and it is also an opportunity to meet & greet , enjoy some Moon cake & Chinese Tea.
The schedule for the event were :
TCAA: Programme: Tai Chi Cultural Moon Festival, 15 September 2019
9:00-9:15 am: Welcome and Opening Remarks, Housekeeping and Programme Outline
9:15-9:30 am (15 Mins): WARM UP EXERCISES
Shibashi Ric Bolzan 10 Mins
Yang 24 Form Group 5-6 Mins
Yang 42 Form Group 6-7 Mins
Push Hands James Gao 10 Mins
10:00-1050 am: (50 Mins) GROUP/INDIVIDUAL DEMOS
Ba Fa Wu Bu Peilei WuShu 5 Mins
Traditional Yang Form Central Coast 5 Mins
Trad Cheng Man Ching KC et oths 6-7 Mins
Traditional Yang 28 Damon (Newcastle) 5 Mins
Traditional Yang YangZhao 4-5 Mins
Sun 38 Form Eastwood 6 Mins
Chen Form Sunny Li 5 Mins
Chen Form Aus Tai Chi Institute 5 Mins
Taiji/Qigong Medley Brian Gregson 5 Mins
Baguazhang Taiji Fong Lee 3 Mins
XingYi Form Festus 2 Mins
IMG_692710:50-11:20 am: (30 Mins) GROUP PHOTOS, MOONCAKES AND TEA
11:20-12:30 pm (70 Mins): INDIVIDUALS/GROUP DEMOS
Chen Practical Method Janet Ho 10 Mins
Swimming dragon taiji Eastwood 5 Mins
Xuan Wu Chuan Amy Li 5 Mins
WuDang Boxing PeiLei Wushu 5 Mins
Mulan Taiji Fan Parramatta 5 Mins
Taiji Fan Brian Gregson 5 Mins
Zui Fong Fan Aus Tai Chi Institute 5 Mins
Kungfu Fan Parra/BlighPark 5 Mins
Bangs Flute Amanda Heidke 8 Mins
Broadswords/Fan Central Coast 5 Mins
Broadswords Damon (Newcastle) 3 Mins
Swords 24 Yang Eastwood 5 Mins
Swords 32 Yang Lidcombe/Chatswood 5 Mins
BaGua Sword v/s Sword Peilei Wushu 5 Mins
12:30-1:00pm: Closing Remarks and Clean Up

We have a 10 minutes slot where we did the Foundation consist of :

– Twisting Towel
– Fetch Water
– Positive Circle
– Negative Circle
– Six Sealing Four Closing

Followed by 13, announcing to the audience if they can identify the Foundation movements demonstrate earlier & one of Practical Method Principle of ‘DO NOT MOVE’.

Special thanks to –
Disciples :
John Ho
Janet Ho
Brian Chung
Rory Trend
Paul Pryce
Other Practical Method members :
Kim Ly
Lawrence Lee
Jeffrey Tran
Coming together to make this possible.

To finish it off ,at the end of the event, I ask Mai (my other Boss). How was it & being a spectator who has no Tai Chi background told me it wasn’t as interesting as other performance.
This wasn’t a surprise to me as I was expecting it & I told her we are not performers,but this makes me think & question -How should we promote the Practical Method so it will appeal to our audience’s ?
Would be interest to hear my Taiji brother & sister”s view

Best Regards

Kenny Ly (Disciple)



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