“Sydney 2017-14” Online Video Trailer

by Winston Wang on 2018/03/24

Presenter: Chen Zhonghua   Length: 8 min.   In: English   Year: 2017  Difficulty:1/5

Sydney 2017-14
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Winston Wang May 28, 2020 at 8:16 pm

The content throughout this video is about accuracy.
Here are a few key points In the 1st part of this video:
1. Where is the line? In this case, it’s between the very left end of the arrow(the power source of the opponent) and the point on that vertical line where the arrow is pointing to(the target of the opponent, which in this case is our chest). We have to know this, so we know how not to deviate from it.

2. At 00:43 Master Chen said if you move this way, you “did not move back”. This actually tells us what “didn’t move back” means.

3. No deviation = full = the opponent can not detect (I think it also = empty). In this case, we can also see the body did not move (like a car sitting on 4 wheels) and the feet move the body (like the wheels).
From 1. we know that the right end of the line(the target) is on our chest, and now the chest did not move, the feet carry it backward, so the line has been extended on its trajectory without any deviation.
And that’s called “suck”.

In the 2nd part of this video, Master Chen shows how to match a rotational movement and break it or replace it. And here are some key points in it:
1. The student in yellow is doing a rotation. The pivot is on the left side of his waist, with the size of the length from the pivot to his right hand.

2. from 2:55 to 3:13 the “move” without knowing the student’s pivot and size actually give the student more grip.

3. 3:14 Master Chen matched the rotation and went into the pivot, which causes the student to lose his balance.

4. from 3:38 Master Chen started to talk about size. 4:10 he followed the rotation, but it’s too small to be outside of it and too big to go into the pivot. So he was “swallowed” by the rotation.

5. 04:41 Master Chen did the same move that was too small, but this time, he extended his left hip and his left hand. These extensions made his size bigger than the student, which is from the student’s left waist to his right hand.

6. 04:50 Master Chen demonstrated how to increase the size from the other side of the pivot. By extending his right index finger, he became longer than the student on the other side of the pivot. This disables the student to control his pivot, so he couldn’t apply any power.

7. 5:35 using the same model, this time Master Chen directly controls the pivot, so his pivot actually overwrites the student’s pivot.


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