Choreography and Power

by 胡歌 on 2016/06/28

Instructor: Hugo Ramiro
Location: Toronto

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For those who do not have annotation, this is the content:

“Choreography is the first thing we learn. If we stop there we have a form that is ’empty’.

After we learn the basic choreography we must input alignment (tracks) and power.
The addition of both alignment and power will challenge our ability to maintain our choreographical ‘look’.
The development of our Practical Method Yilu is a constant interplay between the addition of power, the resultant loss of our tracks, realigning our tracks more tightly, increasing power again, losing the tracks, and overall always aiming toward the choreographic endpoint.
Over time our form will go from coarse, blocky and unrefined to apparently rounder or smoother as a result of the above process. Always the tracks tighter, and the power greater.
Power will distort the form. Our job is to channel the power more and more tightly, more and more accurately, until we are fulfilling the choreographic requirements.
The following is presented in the spirit of this process. Pay attention to how power distorts the postures in the demonstrator as he attempts to inject power into a form that does not have clear tracks as of yet.”



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