Upper Midwest Practical Method Taijiquan Get Together

by Tim Duehring on 2011/12/02

We will be having a get together on the weekend of January 7th, 2012. All are invited.  The Midwest clan will be gathering again in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

This will be led by Tim Duehring, before he heads to work as the International Manager on Daqingshan Mountain Resort in Wulian, Rizhao, Shandong, China.

Levi Sowers will also be present for training. Both are disciples of Master Chen Zhonghua.

Training will include yilu corrections, applications, push hands until we can’t get up off the floor, qigong and jian sword. Officially we will begin Saturday…however unofficial times will occur.

This event will take place at Sartori Memorial Hospital, 515 College Street, Cedar Falls, IA 50613. If you are interested send  an email to johnnyupshaw@yahoo.com.

About Tim Duehring

Tim is the International Students Manager at Daqingshan. Study and teach Hunyuan and Practical Method Taijiquan since 2005

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