Maximizing Power

by Khamserk on 2010/07/19

The sequence of events for using power when confronting an opponent is:

1. Manipulate distance
2. Adjust Angle
3. Apply power

This sequence is opposite from the physical priority, that is, physically power is most important, angle is second and distance is least important. The problem with using power first is that whatever you do, if it is perceived as threatening, will be automatically (unconsciously) matched by the opponent.  If you use power first the opponent immediately powers up to match your power and it becomes a matter of who is stronger.

So the Taiji sequence is used also as a mind game to entice the opponent.  To do this you must manipulate the distance or “get in” without changing the power on the hands.  This way the opponent does not feel your intention to get in. They do not power up to match you because they feel safe.  Next you add accuracy by changing the angle .  Finally you can add a little power. This way you maximize your power.

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Edmonton Instructor for the Practical Method Academy. Kham Serk studied with Master Chen Zhonghua at the age 15 and thorough many full time courses and other learning methods, became a disciple in 2012 on Daqingshan in China.

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